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    DOOR TECH SOLUTIONS assure the high level quality and reliable delivery of products according to the customer who insist on outstanding quality, advanced technical engineering, trouble free performance, security, and aesthetic design. We have separate team for Fabrication, Design etc.

    Why Entrance Systems?

    " Entrances are so designed to create an impression of the theme and philosophy of the Company itself.”

    Entrances are designed to be functional, aesthetic and by enlarge requires to be integrated with the architectural flow of the building. Modern practices ensure a maximum safety at the entrance and its suitability for emergency exits and escape routes in the event of a panic and emergency. Entrances also provide a high thought out capacity for dealing with heavy traffic, ensuring maximum flexibility in creating the perfect complement to any facade.

    Our entrance systems encompasses a wide range of products including Automatic doors, Revolving doors, Toughened Glass assemblies, Door controls and structural fittings for Glass Architectural Facades.

    Types of entrance systems

    1.Revolving Doors

    2.Sliding Doors

    3.Automatic Doors


    We offers universal integration capabilities and outstanding operational flexibility with maximum scope in mind

    Microprocessors control ensures superior user convenience whatever variant of our entrance door system selected.

    Our entrance Systems also satisfy the stringent requirements governing approval for use in Emergency exit and escape routes.

    Our entrance Systems – aligned to the highest demands in terms of design elegance, convenience, reliability, safety and optimum through-passage dimensions.

    Our entrance Systems can be integrated with the Building Management System, The Emergency Exit System and the Security Time and Access System.